Kimberly White Digital Marketing and Content Strategist

digital marketer and content strategist

Hello! I’m Kimberly White.

You need help planning, developing, and maintaining a top Internet organic search profile using custom, data-driven strategies. Wouldn’t it be nice to have immediate, effective support for all of your digital marketing communications needs?

Imagine being able to pick up the phone or write an email to one person for instant, expert support on all of your digital marketing, content development, WordPress development and management issues…almost anything you need in terms of digital support for your business.

Your website will gain measurable, positive increases in targeted traffic in a short period of time with my help using organic (non-paid advertising) strategies. Then we’ll convert that traffic into leads to grow your business.

And that’s not all.

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without a go-to person who responds quickly and professionally to your needs for solid copywriting, editing, layout, design, technical support, best-practice SEO and content strategy development, conversion, research, WordPress site development and maintenance, security, PDFs, multimedia, project management, and more.

So stop feeling overwhelmed and worrying about where to find the right professional who can support your digital marketing and website search optimization needs. You only need to find that one right person to write powerful copy, procure, create, and manage digital assets—images, video, podcasting, whitepapers and more—and most importantly, to turn your increased traffic into leads using inbound marketing, social media, and many other effective, little-known organic (but strikingly effective) SEO strategies.

I am available to work immediately in a full-time permanent or contract telecommuting position. Please explore this site using the navigation bar to the left to learn how I can support you and your business, or contact me now and we’ll talk!

My clients benefit when they can turn to one specialist for support with nearly all aspects of a single project. These projects normally encompass an overlapping range of related areas of expertise that ensure a comprehensive, workable solution when applied in conjunction with each other.

The graph below roughly indicates time distribution in a typical month of my most-requested skills and service areas.

  • <p>Content Strategy Development, Implementation</p> 80%
  • <p>Professional Writing, Editing, Publishing</p> 45%
  • <p>Full Range e-Book and Print on Demand Services</p> 15%
  • <p>Organic Digital Marketing</p> 68%
  • <p>WordPress Planning, Design, Maintenance</p> 45%
  • <p>Project Proposal Development, Presentation</p> 58%
  • <p>Graphic Design and Editing (Adobe Photoshop)</p> 23%
  • <p>Project Management</p> 38%
  • <p>Related Instruction and Consulting</p> 48%
  • <p>Related Business Support Services</p> 68%

Connect With Me…

Imagine how much easier your job would be if you had someone working for you with the mad skills to do almost anything your business needs and do it well.

If you prefer to work with someone whose flexible, transparent, and collaborative approach matches yours, then we could be a great fit! Let’s find out!