Content Development and Management

content development and management
Content. A Lame Word for Something so Vital to Your Online Success.

Content, in webspeak, is the stuff that fills up websites. It’s text, images, videos, audio, slideshows, PDFs, and more.

Your website, your reputation, your company’s reputation, your brand—the quality, amount, and relevance of your CONTENT can make or break them all.

So it has to be right. Ideally, the first time it’s put out there.

And probably nobody can count the ways to get it “right the first time.” But we know it begins with you:

What do you stand for, what is your message, and who is your audience? What do you want them to know, and what do they want from you?

If you were to respond to those questions right now and then do two weeks of research into the matter using mostly data analytics with a little bit of intuition, your answer at the end of two weeks would probably not match your first response unless you’ve already done your homework. I’ll bet you coffee on that.

And then only if you kept doing your homework, every single week.

Or unless you had someone like me to do that with you. Hello!

(That’s, actually. So click already!)


Professional Copywriting

hard jobDoes this image represent what you feel like when faced with a copy-writing project as you struggle to think of clever lines that sell products and services—that haven’t been written to death already?

Copy-writing for the web is first about aligning targeted keywords with your market, and luring traffic to your site first, then converting that traffic into leads. It’s about credibility, value, and most of all, solutions for the people who will buy—or at least leave their contact information—if your writing captures their attention and quickly conveys that you feel their pain and can kiss it all better. Sometimes for free (at the beginning of the customer journey) and ultimately for a price that seems painless compared to the solution you are providing.

Imagine being able to pick up the phone or dash off a text or email and getting the results you want, when you want them; well-targeted, enticing copy from someone—me!—who can quickly and effectively research your market gaps and optimize your copy, and write to your or your clients’ expectations.

Want to talk? My contact info is at the top and bottom of this page. Why not call or email me right now?

Web Content Writing

web content writingYou know that your website needs “unique” written content, although you may or may not understand why (or even how “unique” it needs to be.) But you do know that much of what you read online looks like it was written by puppets whose native language is an obscure puppet dialect that vaguely resembles English.

And you don’t want that.

You know you don’t want Google to penalize you for publishing the “wrong” content, you don’t want to lose your website or end up in court accused of plagiarism. And more than anything, you want TRAFFIC! Lots of it, and the right kind.

For a long time, I focused mostly on building WordPress websites. But then I realized that every client who said they’d deliver a site’s worth of relevant text, images, videos, and podcasts basically had no idea of how to find or develop that content. And then they wondered why their sites weren’t magically full of stuff, other than a well-structured and nicely designed empty website. So now I focus more of my time on writing for the web, and when I do, my clients’ pages are clearly favored by Google. (Ask me, I’ll prove it.)

The advantage to you is that I study organic SEO techniques every day. I know what Google wants to see and what readers expect, and I write to meet those expectations, and yours.

If you’re not reading obscure bloggers on a daily basis who test SEO theories and publish their findings for others to test and prove or refute, you’ll lose ground to a competitor who hires someone like me to write, layout, and publish that content.

Media and Multimedia Development

Do you ever ask these questions or wonder how to solve these problems?27712862_s

  • Where in the heck can I get good images for free?
  • Can’t I just use a photo from Google Image search or Flickr or CNN?
  • Should I be using video? How much does it cost? How do I upload it on YouTube and embed it on my site?
  • Someone stole my image! Can I do anything about it?
  • Can they really take my site down or sue me for using an image?

If you don’t know the answer to even one of these questions, you need me NOW.

If I can’t find an image you need from a free source, I’ll know how to get the bet price on it, and which size to buy. I can even show you how to make a stock image appear unique to Google, even though it’s already on hundreds of other sites.

I’ll help you build quick and cheap, but effective YouTube videos if you don’t want to budget for a professional videographer. And I’ll show you how to get maximum exposure from that video.

Did you know that you can easily extract several forms of valuable, unique web content from a single slideshow-video? It’s true, and when you hire me, I’ll show you how—or do it for you, and then promote the heck out of it.

Need to protect your own content? I’ll do that for you, too. So you and I should probably have a conversation.

Article and Press Release Writing

Need something written for the web? I can research, write, edit, and turn it around fast for you. In any format, to meet any specifications.

Writing, editing, and layout for print publications and e-books is covered in a separate Book Publications section.

Content Management

file folderYou may have archived print or web text that can be re-written or re-purposed to your benefit, but if someone isn’t managing that content by naming files properly, filing them in a logical, accessible folder structure, and securing proprietary content, you’ll never know how much time you could have saved yourself. Hopefully, you’re also reviewing your traffic data on a regular basis to find opportunities to develop new and unique content, or to re-work content that isn’t drawing traffic. Your life will be so much easier when your content and media libraries are organized to allow you to find what you need within a couple minutes. You’ll spend less on new content when you’re organized, as well. Want some help with that?

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