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Why Organic SEO is so Healthy for Your Website


google-adwordsAdWords campaigns may help grow targeted traffic to your site. But do you ever worry that you’re gambling the budget on hit-or miss AdWords strategies? That’s a common fear, and for good reason.

One approach, which I use exclusively to increase targeted paid traffic is always to gather and analyze organic traffic stats first, and ensure that organic (free, natural) optimization strategies have been been strategically applied. And reviewed. Then adjusted. Then analyzed, reviewed, and adjusted again as needed.

The insights you’ll gain from applying best-practice search engine optimization will either help your traffic grow to meet or exceed your goals, or it can help you get the most from your AdWords campaign. Ideally, both will orange

My philosophy is to apply my skills to organic SEO only, and leave AdWords to the AdWords experts. I prefer not to gamble with other people’s money, and spending money on AdWords before you have enough data about your business, your website, and your market, is a gamble.

I’ll help you determine which keyword strategies will be the most effective for your website and unique needs over time.



"I wanted to give a shout out to my amazing WordPress Blog developer [Kimberly White] that saved my blog and my hair!! ( I was getting ready to pull it out)"
—Maria Long, Close to Home blog

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