Maintenance and Support Services

technology support

WordPress Site Security Audits

Nothing will hurt your search engine rankings more than malware on your site, or spammy links to dubious sites injected by bots.

I will audit your site and install and configure advanced security features to help protect your site. And I will monitor your security 24/7 and address attacks as they happen.


Website SEO Auditing

After you have optimized your site, your work isn’t over. Don’t wait for an unexpected drop in traffic to call me.

I can audit, monitor, analyze, and report recommendations for new optimization strategies on a regular basis. I can also help edit and re-write your posts and pages to boost traffic to existing content.

Technical Troubleshooting

You know those technical problems that always happen on Monday morning or Friday afternoon that frustrate you and interfere with your schedule?

I can troubleshoot your WordPress website, hosting issues, document problems, format conversion issues, or corrupt MySql or MS Access databases. If I can’t solve your problem, I’ll try to find someone who can.


"I wanted to give a shout out to my amazing WordPress Blog developer [Kimberly White] that saved my blog and my hair!! ( I was getting ready to pull it out)"
—Maria Long, Close to Home blog

When you have a technical or layout issue that’s devouring your valuable management and production time and driving you crazy, call me. I’m a natural geek with a knack for troubleshooting who happens to also write, edit, design, and rise to any challenge that I am qualified to meet.

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