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Twelve years’ experience in:

  • Editing books, articles, web and marketing copy
  • Retaining author’s voice while editing for grammar, spelling, and readability
  • Publishing to Kindle
  • PDF layout, editing, and formatting for e-books, whitepapers, and proposals
  • Publishing to meet print-on-demand specs
  • Author website development and maintenance
  • Layout design for books, ebooks, and formal proposals
  • Cover design and layout (“Stripped down to the core book” and numerous proposals)
  • Copyright law compliance and clients’ copyright enforcement
  • Troubleshooting and converting existing layouts to meet specs, optimize design and readability
  • ISBN procurement and support


book coverSherry Bakhtian is a notable author, a life and career coach with Fortune 500 companies among her clientele, and a cherished, collaborative client of seven years.

Sherry was referred to me several years ago by another long-time client when she needed a web developer. She later hired me as her book editor, and I helped with designing its cover and layout for both print publication and Kindle, and multi-faceted technical and marketing support related to her book and promoting her coaching website

Another aspect of this project was moving sections of one website to another, and deciding how to do that, as well as setting up redirects on the old site so that nothing was lost in the move. Broken links can hurt SEO, so details like that are critical.

Sherry and I continue to work together as her business grows and as the market and technology evolve, demanding continual changes in marketing and technical approach that allow her to remain competitive.


Client: Sherry Bakhtian, PhD, ACC

Date: 2008 to Present

Skills: Editing, Layout and publishing for print and Kindle, Cover design, Web Design, Marketing consulting, Content strategy development


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