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Adobe Creative Suite

PhotoShop is another of my core competencies. Whether adjusting all site image colors for a cohesive look or troubleshooting a layered document or converting a vector from Illustrator to a rasterized image, PhotoShop is always open on my desktop. I am also an advanced user of Adobe Acrobat Pro, and can format, edit, and secure a PDF or create an ebook or whitepaper like nobody’s business. I can work in Dreamweaver when necessary, and used InDesign extensively a few years ago for designing and publishing hard-bound proposals.


You need CSS coding customizations—I got ’em. Those little downward triangles at the bottom of each section on this site are actually CSS squares rotated 45 degrees. In fact, CSS3 is the reason this site looks like no other web.


I work on a PC. Having invested in extensive PC software purchases over time, and having developed structured processes that allow me to work quickly, switching to a Mac is not a priority. Adobe Suite runs like a champ on my PC, and I have high-speed broadband Internet. I own an iPad, iPhone, and Android, and have access to device-specific apps when needed.

Flexibility, Integration...Attitude

You want and need to hire someone with one or all of these skills. You need someone you can rely on. Someone who can integrate the skills you need and turn on a dime when priorities change.

You’ll appreciate my flexible, supportive attitude, because I’ll make your life easier.


MS Office Suite

Your MS Excel, Word, and Outlook problems are over. I worked as a Microsoft Office Suite instructor to end users at a state college corporate education center, including intermediate Excel and Access classes. I can develop mail-merge documents, Excel pivot tables for presentations and data analysis, and configure and troubleshoot your Outlook email problems, and take those tasks off your plate.


HTML still matters, especially when CSS won’t get you all the way there. I know when to use one and/or the other to refine a layout to the pixel, and how to integrate the two for a seamless user experience.

WordPress Design and Development

My WordPress practice details and portfolio sample are here. This is only one skill among a broad range that you and your firm will benefit from when you bring me on board. Note that I do not develop plugins or themes. I design in frameworks and build child themes to fully customize websites, which helps keep your costs significantly lower than having themes and features built from scratch.


When you need to have a document or file converted from one format to another, when things just aren’t going well, I can probably help. As a former AT&T communications technician, I was quickly promoted to the Tier II group because of my innate ability to analyze and solve complex technical problems. I don’t claim that I can do everything, but if you need something done, I can usually either do it myself or figure out who the best person for the job is.

PHP Editing

While I am not a PHP programmer—full disclaimer—I do edit and troubleshoot PHP issues. Which is needed frequently on WordPress child themes and server issues.

Website Data Architecture

Most websites today are database-driven. So after the keyword, client target market, and competitor research, comes data architecture engineering. If your prime content is too many clicks from your home page, or you end up with duplicate content or content in the wrong place, you will lose the battle for search engine rankings.

Not only that, a website with a solid data structure is scalable—it will grow with your business, and should not need an overhaul unless your business model changes completely. You can easily change your website design without affecting your content when your data architecture is engineered properly the first time. My B.S. major and graduate school studies trained me to understand and apply best practices to the extent that I later instructed my own professors at my school’s request.

Camtasia Studio Screencasting

Screencasting with Camtasia allows us to produce instructional or informational videos and upload them to YouTube. Narration, voiceovers, and editing are easy, and that’s just the beginning. Imagine requesting a particular screencast, and that same day, seeing your video on YouTube, Vimeo, your website—as well as having a podcast audio and text transcript to use as a post or whitepaper extracted from your screencast video. That’s only one way I can help you multiply your content, making your life easier and growing your audience quickly.


"I wanted to give a shout out to my amazing WordPress Blog developer [Kimberly White] that saved my blog and my hair!! ( I was getting ready to pull it out)"
—Maria Long, Close to Home blog

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